Particle story

Every bit of you was once part of an ecological system that comprised of Dinosaurs and big huge plants (Seriously, why is everything getting smaller? Look at the Asians man). Some atoms of your body might’ve belonged to some prehistoric bush. All my atoms obviously come from the T-Rex, dunno bout you guys.

So basically parts of your own body don’t belong to you. Offended? But isn’t that how we divide mother earth. Into pieces of ownership, not natural just accidental. And the earth still doesn’t retaliate, okay it kinda does through all the global warming and stuff. However ownership is not a natural idea, it’s a legal idea. And legal concepts have an opposite too. Like the right to speak comprises of the right to keep quiet. And the right to own property comes with the duty to keep the planet clean.

Now you’d call me a hypocrite for spreading garbage through this blog but HEY My garbage is virtual. And I always speak on cliché topics cause my creativity levels are as low as your IQ level (Not sure who got burned there)
Anyways, Cheerio!

War…it never changes

True. War never changes. War never changes anything. Well it does change the economy and the state of human life and human rights but I don’t think it’s in the right direction, is it?

        Larry Reeves once said, and I quote, “Anyone, who truly wants to go to war, has truly never been there before” which is not very true but sensible. Well for starters most of the big players in the Second World War fought during the first World War. Be it Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Douglas MacArthur etc etc. The list goes on. But what it shows is that “WAR NEVER CHANGES ANYTHING FOR GOOD”. One war leads to another and finally the only losing side is humanity and the only winner is, well, to be honest no one.

   Some wars are necessary of course. Like war against terrorism, war against discrimination, poverty, hunger and other stuff we read in moral science class. Oh wait, they don’t teach that in schools anymore. But we do have the daily prayer sessions. Maybe that’s helping, helping in it’s own mysterious way (Reference to God, did I have to explain that joke?).

     What we need is the lack of need. Every war starts with need of the rich and ends up leaving millions needy. Needy for basic necessities which I’m pretty sure are available in nature to which every human being has equal access and rights (LOL not on earth you Punks)

Anyways, Cheerio!

On the face of it


You know how sometimes you start a thing and you have a certain goal in your mind, which for me is either being super rich or being Batman…oh wait! That’s one and the same thing. Right Batsy? You pampered little shit.

Back to the issue, I started this blog with great aspirations to do stuff and I thought I had the necessary calibre. The decisions I made we calculated BUT boy am I bad at math.

I have no idea how this works so I just did what I’m best at, making logos. Well, you can’t complain can you? This one is still related to the original topic of my blog. I’ll explain it to you guys in my next post cause more posts = More content = More brain (Apparently).

Anyways, Cheerio!

Hello world

I still have no idea why every dummy code in the world of computer programming says that….does it have something to do with the fact that when you test your code it’s gonna be the first time it sees this world? Maybe like a newborn or an inborn (pfft). Somewhat like “BEEP BOP I’m gonna be your robotic overlord soon, you punks! Also, who thought that it would be a good idea to have a phone with no headphone jacks!?! You dumb humans”. Okay, I went a little overboard with that one.

And that’s what my whole blog is gonna be about. Just ranting about all the weird things in this world. And looking at normal things from a weird point of view when I run out of content, because at the end of the day, these blogs run on views. And bloggers are ready to do anything for views to keep their blogs up and running. Probably I’m your everyday blogger, but I do have a weird and f**ked up mind when it comes to being cynical and scrutinising this world and it’s pursuit for superficial needs (DAMN that line was great. Please give due credits while quoting).

So for now I know that I have ZERO readers which is not bad until I haven’t posted anything. Cause till then I can say to myself that this lack of readers is due to my lack of content and not because my ideas are absolute horseshit. Wait…posting this one means that my site will have content. I can no longer rationalise once this is up so “LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! BROFIST! Oh wait I’m not PewDiePie and this isn’t YouTube.

Anyways, Cheerio.