Particle story

Every bit of you was once part of an ecological system that comprised of Dinosaurs and big huge plants (Seriously, why is everything getting smaller? Look at the Asians man). Some atoms of your body might’ve belonged to some prehistoric bush. All my atoms obviously come from the T-Rex, dunno bout you guys.

So basically parts of your own body don’t belong to you. Offended? But isn’t that how we divide mother earth. Into pieces of ownership, not natural just accidental. And the earth still doesn’t retaliate, okay it kinda does through all the global warming and stuff. However ownership is not a natural idea, it’s a legal idea. And legal concepts have an opposite too. Like the right to speak comprises of the right to keep quiet. And the right to own property comes with the duty to keep the planet clean.

Now you’d call me a hypocrite for spreading garbage through this blog but HEY My garbage is virtual. And I always speak on clichĂ© topics cause my creativity levels are as low as your IQ level (Not sure who got burned there)
Anyways, Cheerio!

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