Euphoria (Part 5) – The Choice

Two pills, of course metaphorical, but you have two pills in front of you right now. The Red one would end all this suffering right now, a dead end at the new road you took. The Blue pill will make you live as long as possible. People say the second one needs strength but I say both do, just the direction is different. Your life isn’t just your’s, your life is like a bike stand, it is holding up things bigger than itself. You have people, emotions, dreams, and what not, all banking on your life. Your life has more sum value to others than it does to yourself. And that’s why it takes courage, because you’re not just ending your own life. You’re ending dreams, leaving behind a hole in everyone’s heart, everyone who actually loved you. You really don’t see how any person could do that, at least you haven’t lost your senses yet. You aren’t brave enough to quit.

Then you have to move, walk the new path, explore the jungle road and try to find those small bunnies hiding in there, or as people call it ‘The Silver Lining’.

And just like a movie, you get the motivation just when you need it the most.

“Hey Max! I’m so glad to see you” that same old beautiful voice, the one you love the most. She’s crying. Tears of joy, shouts her big smile. Tears of pain, shouts her burning eyes. She does love you, she does feel your pain. And you were gonna leave her alone with a much bigger cut just so that you could end your own suffering. Human beings can be selfish at times, it’s alright. You made the right choice.

For the first time since The Beginning you hope this is not a dream, you’ve finally made peace with reality. Willpower can do wonders. Look at you, you’ve already found your first bunny.

“Hey man, I have some good news. You can go home tonight.” the first time you actually liked what you heard the Doc say.

“Thank you” you’re tearing up now.

It feels weird, no sensation below your knees. It feels…it feels incomplete. This is your test. This, this is the Blue Pill.

Euphoria (Part 4) – The Blame Game

There’s something about human being we have to commend, their predictability. The reaction to such bad news is similar among all human beings. It goes in steps – Denial, Realisation, The Blame Game, and finally acceptance.

You’re already on the second step.

Those words the doctor just said have shattered your world. Nothing can prepare one for such a tragedy, a whole life ahead of you and this is how you end up. Realisation happened.

“But why me?” you’re now angry.

Well it’s a valid question, why you? You didn’t do anything wrong to that young man, you don’t even know who he is. Why do you have to suffer for his mistakes and his stupidity? While thinking about this you realise the worst, you’ll never be able to explain why you ended up in such a condition. Nothing one does can lead to such an outcome in such a manner. You just went to a church to pray, maybe that’s it! That’s what you need!

Human beings need someone to blame, someone who can be held responsible for something you cannot possibly explain. You just went to pray at a Church. Nothing wrong with that. “THEN WHY GOD!?” the blame game has started. “Why is this happening to ME? Please let it be a nightmare”. Why does an innocent person have to suffer for the sins of another man made in the name of God, a God who is supposed to protect us? So this is where you put your blame? The choice is yours.

But now it’s the truth, you don’t have your legs anymore. Life has taken a turn, heading towards this dense jungle. You lightly chuckle at how you were enjoying life when that day started, and now life seems like a burden to you. A burden that you have to carry till the end of this new God-Awful road…

Euphoria (Part 3) – Shattering

You feel fine now. There’s a weird sensation running around, the mind is still trying to figure out what’s happening. You’re playing a game against yourself, such a trauma you felt.

“What happened to me?”, you mumble, while gaining a little control over your body unsure of when you will be able to control the mind you go on, “What happened?”. The nurse asks you to get some rest but you’re done with the resting, the mind is like a puddle of water. You cannot see clearly what’s happening when there’s ripples in it, let it settle and you’ll see everything clearly.

“Hey man” Says an unfamiliar voice, “Good to see you back up again”

You open your eyes, the light kinda hurts but you have to see who the stranger is, it’s the doctor. A young man, doesn’t look very happy though. “What happened..umm…Na..Nathan?” You read his name patch on the overcoat.

“Well it’s a good news that you can read easily, now…”

“What now…?” You’re weirded out by the way he just stops.

“Umm….ah….I…” he’s just speechless, trying his best to avoid eye-contact.

“WHAT NOW DOC?” You jump up in frustration, why do people have a problem with being the bearer of bad news? It’s bad for you, not them. You wonder.

“But what was that? Why couldn’t I…why am I still lying? I jumped up.” cold shivers run down your spine, today you finally understood what they feel like, and you absolutely hate thinking about it, yet cannot ignore the possibility.

“That’s what I wanted to tell you. We…you…well….you lost your legs Max. I’m really sorry”. You hope he’s kidding, you hope this is just a nightmare and an alarm will wake you up any second. It doesn’t….

Euphoria (Part 1) – The Beginning


You wake up in the morning, a nice little weekend. The weather’s cool and cloudy, just the way you like it. You can almost feel the mist tickle your face and freshen you up for another day of your life. You freshen up, have a nice toasty breakfast, a good cup of coffee.

You decide to go to the church. Who doesn’t like being in the acoustic peace of a church on such a nice day? You decide to walk till there enjoying the breeze and the little drizzles and splatters of the morning dew. Making your way through the lively green grass and the chitter chatter of birds, you reach the church. The same old feeling of spirituality, the Euphoria, overwhelms you. No one knows the source of this feeling, but who the hell cares. You do your prayers and decide to take a seat. Deep in your own thoughts, sounds muffled by the acoustics of the church, you are in a whole new zone. It’s bliss.

Suddenly you feel this warm, almost burning sensation overtake your thoughts. Where did it come from? You open your eyes. The world suddenly goes into some sort of slow motion…or maybe you’re going too fast for the world around you. You see a man, young and fit yet he has this certain vibe to him. He’s not happy, he’s not himself. He’s shouting something but you cannot really hear him due to this muffling of sounds. You’re still in your zone and your mind is still somewhere else, somewhere comfortable. Away from the treacherous world. Treacherous yet full of wonders.

You’re blinded by a sudden flash. Pushed by this great force, it’s almost as if your soul has been pushed out of your body and you can see yourself flying mid-air by a great force. The man you saw…he’s flashing, he’s exerting this weird force. Is…is he God? And then you realise how wrong you were. He’s not God, although he is related to the same subject. You lose your consciousness, tumble and fall on the ground like a dummy.

Euphoria (Part 2) – Disbelief


What just happened? Maybe you’re just dreaming. “Wake up PLEASE” says a familiar sweet voice. You heart speeds up and starts striking against your chest. It’s amazing how some people have an unexplainable power over us. You’re still sleeping….wondering about what you just felt. Sometimes humans are vulnerable to people, those who are special to them. The value of human bonds is immense. The fact that you can put your guard down for someone is the most human-like thing you could do. You give them the key to your heart along with a knife, giving them a choice to either hurt you or protect and cherish the wonderful gift you gave them, such is the effect of a feeling called LOVE. It comes in all shapes and sizes and it has some superhero powers. Just the voice of that ‘someone special’ shook you out of your slumber.

You suddenly feel your body warming up. You’re waking up from the sleep that felt eternal. But this feels weird. Your head feels heavy and when you open your eyes you see that one special person. Chloe is sitting next to you. Holding your hand and weeping, begging you to wake up. Are you actually awake or are you still sleeping, gripped on by a nightmare? No, this feels kind of real. You are in a completely unfamiliar environment. There are people standing next to you. I think that’s a doctor. Yes, he is a doctor. “Where am I?” You’re confused, almost scared now. Chloe start crying, unable to control herself she leaves the room tripping over even the most minor obstacles, the sounds of her crying slowly vanishing into the distance. You’ve always wondered how funny Chloe sounds when she cries, yet how painful it is for you to watch her shed a tear.

“What happened” You ask. No one is saying anything. You’re surrounded by a few people yet you feel alone. Their face shows this weird expression of terror mixed with sympathy. Maybe it’s just a dream, close your eyes and see if it works. Because sometimes the easiest way to wake up is to go back to sleep. Your mind is in shock. “Are you okay? Stay with us. *Shouts* Bring a stretcher, he’s still breathing. Quick” You hear someone say. How is that possible? You just fell asleep. “Is this a flashback? But it should be familiar to me if it’s a flashback. Why don’t I remember when this happened?” you ask yourself. You’re too tired to even dream, the dark engulfs your dreams.

A New Start

So before you give me the finger listen up, since the previous posts have been complete crap I have a new concept. I do not know if this has been tried before but I think you’ll love it. But I need your help.

You have to do something to feel the punch.

For every post, there’s a SoundCloud window down at the beginning of the post. Drop the needle by hitting that play button before you start reading. ¬†Every song is handpicked to enhance the overall experience.

Also, feel the story. You have to understand that you’re the character, the story is happening to you. So you visualise everything from your own point of view.

Press the “Listen in browser” button on the SoundCloud box on the post if you’re on a mobile device.

Hope you like it.

Anyways, Cheerio!