Euphoria (Part 2) – Disbelief


What just happened? Maybe you’re just dreaming. “Wake up PLEASE” says a familiar sweet voice. You heart speeds up and starts striking against your chest. It’s amazing how some people have an unexplainable power over us. You’re still sleeping….wondering about what you just felt. Sometimes humans are vulnerable to people, those who are special to them. The value of human bonds is immense. The fact that you can put your guard down for someone is the most human-like thing you could do. You give them the key to your heart along with a knife, giving them a choice to either hurt you or protect and cherish the wonderful gift you gave them, such is the effect of a feeling called LOVE. It comes in all shapes and sizes and it has some superhero powers. Just the voice of that ‘someone special’ shook you out of your slumber.

You suddenly feel your body warming up. You’re waking up from the sleep that felt eternal. But this feels weird. Your head feels heavy and when you open your eyes you see that one special person. Chloe is sitting next to you. Holding your hand and weeping, begging you to wake up. Are you actually awake or are you still sleeping, gripped on by a nightmare? No, this feels kind of real. You are in a completely unfamiliar environment. There are people standing next to you. I think that’s a doctor. Yes, he is a doctor. “Where am I?” You’re confused, almost scared now. Chloe start crying, unable to control herself she leaves the room tripping over even the most minor obstacles, the sounds of her crying slowly vanishing into the distance. You’ve always wondered how funny Chloe sounds when she cries, yet how painful it is for you to watch her shed a tear.

“What happened” You ask. No one is saying anything. You’re surrounded by a few people yet you feel alone. Their face shows this weird expression of terror mixed with sympathy. Maybe it’s just a dream, close your eyes and see if it works. Because sometimes the easiest way to wake up is to go back to sleep. Your mind is in shock. “Are you okay? Stay with us. *Shouts* Bring a stretcher, he’s still breathing. Quick” You hear someone say. How is that possible? You just fell asleep. “Is this a flashback? But it should be familiar to me if it’s a flashback. Why don’t I remember when this happened?” you ask yourself. You’re too tired to even dream, the dark engulfs your dreams.

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