Euphoria (Part 1) – The Beginning


You wake up in the morning, a nice little weekend. The weather’s cool and cloudy, just the way you like it. You can almost feel the mist tickle your face and freshen you up for another day of your life. You freshen up, have a nice toasty breakfast, a good cup of coffee.

You decide to go to the church. Who doesn’t like being in the acoustic peace of a church on such a nice day? You decide to walk till there enjoying the breeze and the little drizzles and splatters of the morning dew. Making your way through the lively green grass and the chitter chatter of birds, you reach the church. The same old feeling of spirituality, the Euphoria, overwhelms you. No one knows the source of this feeling, but who the hell cares. You do your prayers and decide to take a seat. Deep in your own thoughts, sounds muffled by the acoustics of the church, you are in a whole new zone. It’s bliss.

Suddenly you feel this warm, almost burning sensation overtake your thoughts. Where did it come from? You open your eyes. The world suddenly goes into some sort of slow motion…or maybe you’re going too fast for the world around you. You see a man, young and fit yet he has this certain vibe to him. He’s not happy, he’s not himself. He’s shouting something but you cannot really hear him due to this muffling of sounds. You’re still in your zone and your mind is still somewhere else, somewhere comfortable. Away from the treacherous world. Treacherous yet full of wonders.

You’re blinded by a sudden flash. Pushed by this great force, it’s almost as if your soul has been pushed out of your body and you can see yourself flying mid-air by a great force. The man you saw…he’s flashing, he’s exerting this weird force. Is…is he God? And then you realise how wrong you were. He’s not God, although he is related to the same subject. You lose your consciousness, tumble and fall on the ground like a dummy.


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