Euphoria (Part 3) – Shattering

You feel fine now. There’s a weird sensation running around, the mind is still trying to figure out what’s happening. You’re playing a game against yourself, such a trauma you felt.

“What happened to me?”, you mumble, while gaining a little control over your body unsure of when you will be able to control the mind you go on, “What happened?”. The nurse asks you to get some rest but you’re done with the resting, the mind is like a puddle of water. You cannot see clearly what’s happening when there’s ripples in it, let it settle and you’ll see everything clearly.

“Hey man” Says an unfamiliar voice, “Good to see you back up again”

You open your eyes, the light kinda hurts but you have to see who the stranger is, it’s the doctor. A young man, doesn’t look very happy though. “What happened..umm…Na..Nathan?” You read his name patch on the overcoat.

“Well it’s a good news that you can read easily, now…”

“What now…?” You’re weirded out by the way he just stops.

“Umm….ah….I…” he’s just speechless, trying his best to avoid eye-contact.

“WHAT NOW DOC?” You jump up in frustration, why do people have a problem with being the bearer of bad news? It’s bad for you, not them. You wonder.

“But what was that? Why couldn’t I…why am I still lying? I jumped up.” cold shivers run down your spine, today you finally understood what they feel like, and you absolutely hate thinking about it, yet cannot ignore the possibility.

“That’s what I wanted to tell you. We…you…well….you lost your legs Max. I’m really sorry”. You hope he’s kidding, you hope this is just a nightmare and an alarm will wake you up any second. It doesn’t….

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