Euphoria (Part 4) – The Blame Game

There’s something about human being we have to commend, their predictability. The reaction to such bad news is similar among all human beings. It goes in steps – Denial, Realisation, The Blame Game, and finally acceptance.

You’re already on the second step.

Those words the doctor just said have shattered your world. Nothing can prepare one for such a tragedy, a whole life ahead of you and this is how you end up. Realisation happened.

“But why me?” you’re now angry.

Well it’s a valid question, why you? You didn’t do anything wrong to that young man, you don’t even know who he is. Why do you have to suffer for his mistakes and his stupidity? While thinking about this you realise the worst, you’ll never be able to explain why you ended up in such a condition. Nothing one does can lead to such an outcome in such a manner. You just went to a church to pray, maybe that’s it! That’s what you need!

Human beings need someone to blame, someone who can be held responsible for something you cannot possibly explain. You just went to pray at a Church. Nothing wrong with that. “THEN WHY GOD!?” the blame game has started. “Why is this happening to ME? Please let it be a nightmare”. Why does an innocent person have to suffer for the sins of another man made in the name of God, a God who is supposed to protect us? So this is where you put your blame? The choice is yours.

But now it’s the truth, you don’t have your legs anymore. Life has taken a turn, heading towards this dense jungle. You lightly chuckle at how you were enjoying life when that day started, and now life seems like a burden to you. A burden that you have to carry till the end of this new God-Awful road…


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